I forgot to mention I’ve started a winter “garden” in my office

No the floor isn’t so dirty I can plant taters I’ve got a sliding glass door in that room and a Baker’s rack in front f it. I use to just grow houseplants and an aloe vera for burns on it, but this winter I decided to be a little different.

When I did our monthly grocery shopping two weeks ago I picked up a cilantro and a basil plant and repotted them for my garden. I stopped by Wal-Mart again this weekend, after going to Goodwill and purchased rosemary, lavender, sweet mint, and chive plants to add to my little garden. I’m repotting those into organic soil today. Between the two shopping trips I’ve done my “recycled” green onions.

I’ve wrote about this before where you can cut the root ends off of green or regular onions and plant them and they’ll grow again. I’ve been on a green onion kick lately so I’ve been planting the roots of them in a flower pot on the Baker’s rack and already have some great shoots on them I could use in cooking.

I’ve got several herb seeds I’ll plant as time goes along as well as radishes and other small items. I’ve thought about a tomato plant, but then I’m not wild about the smell of a tomato plant in my office, so maybe after we get the sunroom ready for winter I’ll put one out there, or one on my starting station in the basement. LOL!