With the push of a button

Today I called dh while on his lunch break and told him the following:
“5.5 years ago today we started down the Total Money Makeover path together owing roughly $102,000 in credit card and medical debt. Along the way we have had interest added to that, a little extra medical and 18 months of unemployment. I am about to pay off the last of that debt and thought you would want to be part of it.”
Then I included him in all the steps of logging in to Chase bank and making that final payment. With the single push of a button we are now credit card debt free. I am so excited I’m weepy!
Look out Wells Fargo here we come to end the $67,000+ of mortgages we owe you.
The max it should take is 538 days now because today’s payment of an early payoff on Chase took 50 days off our expected mortgage payoff date. We are shooting for 365 days or less, wish us luck!