DR is anti extended warranties and where I agree with him on vehicles

we always purchase them on appliances and electronics. So glad we did. Remember that new dishwasher we purchased last month. Guess what died yesterday. I’m up early so I can get a call in on the extended warranty as early as possible.

Jhon is not through with us, even though this last week was a big win for us with the death of our final credit card. I have been doing a lot of “creating” with my Cricut Expression, a die cutting machine, and was in the middle of a big creation (mortgage countdown calendar and Fall decorations) and it too died.

Off to you tube I went, no real luck, on to various forums, tried everything we could find on it and still no luck so I started pricing around for one. $249 plus shipping (except zero shipping on amazon) for new ones and all the used ones made us nervous for one reason or another. I was NOT amused. I am about half way through the cut out process and I wanted my project completed. I’m stupid that way.

On one of the forums someone mentioned their local Menards had them on sale for $99. Of course those are all in the north central US and I’m too far south for them. Then a dim little light bulb came on in my feeble mind. Did they have it available to ship? Sure enough. I told dh the cost (which was $129 + shipping ($13) – a $30 mail in rebate. He’d already priced the local ones himself and said order it While I didn’t want to spend any extra money right now I do have a long list of things that we, as a family, want made that involve the cricut. So now I’m waiting on the unit and the rebate form to arrive. Someone told me the rebate is an in store rebate only, but since they have online stuff and Christmas is coming I think I can handle that too.

Dh and I did a mini staycation on Saturday and went to the Tulsa State Fair all day. Generally we just go for a couple of hours, but we decided to visit it in a different manner this year and take in a lot of the free shows, how to demos etc. The blue grass competition was a little disappointing, but the Sugar Arts judging was fantastic. You would not believe some of those cakes!

Of course the fair food was high so we ate before we went and after we left with only a small treat in the middle of the day. That combined with using the free parking and shuttle and our advanced purchased tickets made our day cost under $50 and we had a great time.

We still have another days worth of advance tickets and will go this coming Saturday to catch more free shows and such. This time I’ll pack my water bottle for certain.

Oh and another bit of good news. Out of the blue we got a small royalty check from one of my mineral rights that we hadn’t been pumping on for nearly five years. Looks like I may start getting a small one from them (no guarantees) about every 3 months. I like that for certain. LOL!