I have used since it first came out Family Treemaker

in fact we just did the latest upgrade. I like it for it’s simplicity in how you can add your source codes in, put in as little or as much as you want on the notes pages, how it warns you if you are putting in a possible error (like same last name, Mom too young/old etc) and many other things.

I know that it can seem daunting at first to newbies, but it really is a simple program to run (or I couldn’t do it for certain) and the various charts, maps and such you can create with it are great for sharing photos. I send geds to family members often and even large ones take very little time to send (except to one niece who is on a system that the old Juno accounts ran faster than).

The are also various forums you can talk on about the ins and outs.

Not to mention it works in conjunction with ancestry by suggesting files (as shown on the commercials) that might be your family member.

I also like that if I find, say a census of that family member on ancestry (which I’ve never paid for, I take advantage of their free days or go to my library where it’s always free) I can tell it to place it in my file and it will add that census record in my sources with a “photo” of the record.

You can also add such items and other media files from other sources to it. What can I say I’m a big source freak! I want everything documented—Just got a GREAT email on a dead end line that had DNA resorts that took that line from 1850 back to 1625! Those records verified the line I thought it was.

Like I said I just upgraded my FTM and have not worked a lot with it, except to enter that DNA info, but the new functions I have used are wonderful. I believe you can download a free trial of it as well, it’s put out by Broderbund.