I can definitely appreciate other’s view points, even in opposition

My main point was that it is possible to conduct business and make money by the end of the first month. For a 20 year old, it would be a good place to start. And this is not in a service industry, which requires moderate to large amounts of specialized skill (neither of which I have).

The 30% is just a general rule that I personally use when selling capital assets. And it is a minimum ROI. The more the merrier. My favorite and best ROI number was approximately 33,000%. I had $100 in a deal (which actually I borrowed, so I don’t know if that really counts) to get online payday loans for bad credit and walked away with over $33,000 in profit (after all expenses, except capital gains tax).

I never had that kind of result in any MLM. I remember some of the products that you got “points” or whatever stupid term was used. The profit margin was like 3-5%. And that was for the products that were terrible. The decent products had profit margins of about .5%.

I do get your point about entrepreneuriship as well. I never lasted that long in any MLM, so maybe your point about the aversion to groups is more accurate. Perhaps, he just wants a business card to hand out. The only plus I can say, is that hopefully this kid is taking advantage of any tax write-offs allowed to him (assuming his income is high enough for tax write-offs to be of assistance).

I always hated the team meetings. A bunch of people sitting around getting all hyped up about this money they were “going” to make. And none of it ever panned out. I can say that I had a friendship dissolve over the Nexgen thing. My up-line was a friend of mine.
After they collapsed, I never associated with him again. And I didn’t really cause the dissolution of friendship. He just kind of disappeared. He was really gung-ho with the whole thing, and I think he was ashamed when he finally realized it was a scam.

The only thing I believe I gained with the MLM is fairly tough skin. You get pretty used to rejection, lol.