That’s one thing I also noticed:

When QS members were talking about how well they were doing, they never mentioned income, they mentioned points. It’s just another form of obfuscation.

I’m not sure where the disconnect is, but I do think those whom I have seen doing well with their own businesses would not last 6 weeks in most MLMs because they’d be bursting at the seams to do things their own way or to do things they could see would produce income that the MLM prevents.

On the other hand, there are a lot of creative people here who have been in MLMs, so it’s also possible that someone without business experience might willingly concede to someone who represents themselves to be an expert. As a parallel, when I started learning ballroom dancing, I basically repressed my desire to do it all my way and learned what was taught because I was keenly aware I knew nothing of the field and needed to learn from those who did.

I think that summarizes the reasons a lot of people get into MLMs. Someone comes up to them and says, “Hey, by joining and signing a few forms, you can say you own your own business and are all these other important things.” And, while they’re a member, they do meet the criteria (in their own minds) for a bunch of important sounding positions. I don’t think he can successfully write off MLM expenses on his taxes.

It reminds me of a time, way back (so long ago I was sappily married at the time) when we went to visit her brother in Texas who had recently divorced and was dating a woman much younger than he was and suddenly he was into a party scene. Not a wild party thing, but the “up and coming” group, almost a 20-something cocktail crowd in a way. This one guy was going to be an architect and had a lot of good ideas. This woman was going to be… Yep, all “going to be.”

Many people say they learned a lot about motivation and self worth, but there are better ways to learn those things. I also question what gain there is when one builds one’s self up, then learns they’re part of a fraud. That undermines the gains in ways most people don’t see.