He should get one that says

“I’m a AW IBO and work my butt off and all I get is this lousy t-shirt — and they made ME pay for it!”

I did the math on conventions before. On a smaller one my ex-gf went to the tickets were $100 each and they had 5,000 – 8,000 IBOs going. If you figure 6,000, then take $25,000 to rent the coliseum (based on actual figures — I checked) and $5,000 (based on someone else here who checked) for insurance, figure that most of the grunt work was done by IBOs who were given positions of honor as a reward and that the advertising was done through their network and voicemail (which the IBOs pay for each month), then there would basically be few other expenses or costs. That means they take in $600,000 from IBOs or, as I prefer, IBDrones, and pay less than $50,000 in costs and still have a profit of over half a million.

Not bad for something they don’t make money on.