What are the “right” reasons??

I got out for “my” reasons: The business tends to fall apart if you don’t work it HARD – Quixtar’s own statistics say for every 2 people you sign up – 2 will NOT renew the following year.

I was frustrated by not being able to run my “independent” Amway business in a manner that was VERY successful for another real business that I owned.

I also walked away from a 6-figure income from Amway (our downline was the largest active group in Amway/Quixtar) because I was sick of what the AMOs do to unsuspecting IBOs – there is NO WAY someone starting out can make a profit when the expenses of dubious AMO “training” outweigh what they can sell. And I experienced firsthand the lie that an IBO can “retire” on their Amway income.

And finally – I saw what few ever do: what is the value of an Amway Business?? If you truly want to retire, you’ll need to sell your business – and you’ll be shocked at how little it’s actually worth, compared to other “real” businesses.