The Dussault team is led by Dave and Kristin Dussault

Kristin is the daughter of Triple Diamond John and Jennie Belle Crowe. The Crowes are front line diamonds to Founders Crown Ambassador Bill and Peggy Britt.
The crowes have broken away from Britt’s business support system of CD’s, meetings, and motivational weekend functions to start their own business support group, which I believe is called UR Associates or UR Association or something like that. I am not sure what DC International is. I believe the Dussaults are EDC’s, but I’m not sure. They are definitely at least Diamonds.

(I think that some other Britt diamonds have joined the Crowes in founding URA)(Not all of Crowe’s downline diamonds have come with him, but many have.)

The business they represent is Quixtar, which will soon be changing its name back to Amway.