I am happy to report that I paid off another credit card

paid tithing, and am looking forward to paying off another credit card in the next day or so once the dust settles on debits to my account and deposits to my account.

Paying tithing may seem like a frivilous thing to some, but as DR and others have said: it’s a habit which shows you are in control of your money and living within your means (for those who tithe, not saying if you don’t belong to a faith which tithes that there is a problem.)

That is certainly the case with me. Unlike DR’s advice (not to mention the church), I have a very bad habit of tithing last, when or if I have any money left over, vs doing it upfront. So to be able to take care of this says to me: look, your life is back in control. You CAN tell your money where to go, and you CAN exercise faith.

So I’m very excited on all fronts.

Nerd that I am, I worked out a plan for the babysitting job, since the one I have with the nurse looks like it is going to dwindle to twice a month rather than once a week (not complaining.) We’ll still be on track to be original debt free by the end of December, or mid January at the latest.