Went in to my bank today (Comerica) with my babysitting check

DH is travelling and has the ATM card. I am on both my daughter’s and son’s checking accounts also, and all are linked online so I can transfer money around if I need to.

I wanted to see how much of the babysitting check would be immediately available if I deposited it in branch.

Answer: Zero. Oh. And the check funds won’t be available until WEDNESDAY.

But if I deposit it through the ATM into my son’s account, $200 of it will be immediately available, I can transfer that 200 into my checking account immediately and pay off CCs, and the remaining 150 will be available on TUESDAY.

Did I mention that by 1pm they empty out the ATM and process deposits like a regular branch deposit?

So if I come in face to face, it’s 5 days before I have access to funds. If I use an ATM, I get immediate access to 200, and access to the rest in 4 days. And you still have to process it.