I have similar issues with family and friends

and I’ve been searching for ways to “reach them” for awhile now. So I understand the position you’re in. I agree with Eldred that at least she’s asking for suggestions/advice. And I’ll second the suggestion to have her start by reading the book. But I’d take a step back from the details of ‘do this/do that”, and ask her/them one hard question – are they really truly ready/willing/able to take control of their finances, or not? Tell them that if they want control over their finances such that they can create a better financial future, then that will require a number of changes in the here and now. Some big, some small. Some easy, some not-so-much. If she says yes she’s motivated and ready and she’ll do what it takes, then she’s finally at that point which we all reached prior to seeking out DR. If her answer is lukewarm and/or she doesn’t seem serious, the only thing I’d say at that point is “let me know when you’re serious about improving your situation.” That might sound like hard ball, but I’ve done the “helpful little suggestions” for awhile now and they add up to exactly zilch if the underlying consumption mindset is still in force. For every step forward, they find a way to carry out the “spend now” mentality in some other new way, resulting in zero overall improvements. But if they’re really truly ready, then they’ll be more receptive to that mindset change.

Good luck!