That is true about some businesses but not about others

When starting mine, I was told by many “experts” to not count on having an income for myself for at least 1-2 years. It depends on the business, but it can take time before there is an income. In my case, I had to have the software working before I got any income. In the case of a store, it can take time to get the merchandise, get a storefront, prep the building, and so on. A grand opening sale will delay profits but, still a store should see an income soon after the doors are opened.

Other businesses can take a significant time before seeing a profit, but it’s also important to note the difference between profit and income and, unfortunately, MLM businesses do show income early, just no profit since the money is spent on tools.

I bring this up because there are some key points MLMs play on, such as, “It takes money to make money,” and other truisms that aren’t always true, as well as expectations of different business models.

When I was dating my ex-gf, one issue that made it hard to bring up the problems with the QS business model was that my business was based on work up front with replication and more returns with less work down the road.