What are the “right” reasons??

I got out for “my” reasons: The business tends to fall apart if you don’t work it HARD – Quixtar’s own statistics say for every 2 people you sign up – 2 will NOT renew the following year.

I was frustrated by not being able to run my “independent” Amway business in a manner that was VERY successful for another real business that I owned.

I also walked away from a 6-figure income from Amway (our downline was the largest active group in Amway/Quixtar) because I was sick of what the AMOs do to unsuspecting IBOs – there is NO WAY someone starting out can make a profit when the expenses of dubious AMO “training” outweigh what they can sell. And I experienced firsthand the lie that an IBO can “retire” on their Amway income.

And finally – I saw what few ever do: what is the value of an Amway Business?? If you truly want to retire, you’ll need to sell your business – and you’ll be shocked at how little it’s actually worth, compared to other “real” businesses.

Thanks for any help!

Is there anyone out there that has been involved in Quixtar and gotten out for all the right reasons? I would be very interested in hearing your story and possibly having my friend that’s involved hear it as well so that he may see it in a different light and get out ASAP.